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Geegraf Energised Valve System

Geegraf Energised Valve System

Whether unpacking valves and pumps is a part of your regular maintenance programme or an unscheduled necessary response to leakage or failure, it is invariably a difficult and unpleasant task. Removing worn, dried out, carbonised and rock hard packing is time consuming. Particularly where the removal of injected sealing compounds is concerned. The whole labour intensive process increases pressure on engineers striving to reduce downtime and costs.

Traditional methods of unpacking can often result in valve stem / stuffing box damage, leading to costly product losses and inevitable further repairs. Energised Portable Water Jet Packing Extractor is the practical solution now available. The system uses micro bursts of a focused water jet at very high pressure to remove valve stem packing, pump packing and flange gasketing materials of all kinds. It is especially suited for use where asbestos is known to be present as the hydration eliminates hazardous dust particles.

The equipment is designed for totally safe use by a single operator and is so portable and effective that the unpacking of 30 valves in a day is not uncommon. The savings in downtime and labour costs can be significant. There is also peace of mind in knowing that the process is entirely non-destructive to valve and pump components, leaving them in the optimum condition for resealing.

In addition to the full packing extraction and re-packing service, Energised Portable Water Jet Packing Extractor is available for hire with either a trained operator or, if you wish to use your own personnel, onsite training is available. The system can also be purchased, and is supplied with a comprehensive training and maintenance programme.

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