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Gee Graphite Ltd
Live Loading / Energised Division

The Country's leading valve repacking service and live loading supplier that offers a specific valve repacking programme and aftercare service to site

The Geegraf Energised's System is a full range of products designed to eliminate costly plant leakage problems on valves pumps and flange connections.
The Energised Division offer a gland unpacking, inspection and repacking service using a high pressure water jet, this system uses micro bursts of a focussed water jet at extremely high pressure to remove valve stem/pump packing materials of all kinds.
This is backed by technical staff with over two decades of specialist experience in the power generation, chemical / petrochemical industry.

Key Benefits Of Flange Valve Live Loading

  • Maintains Clamping Force Under All Conditions
  • Compensation For Thermal Expansion And Contraction
  • The Damping Of Vibrational Shock
  • The Prevention Of Gasket Blowouts And Reaction To Pressure Surges

Key Benefits Of Valve Gland Live Loading

  • Minimum leakage – Drastically cutting maintenance costs
  • Elimination of on-line leak sealing
  • Guards against thermal cycling
  • Automatic gland adjustment – Maintains packing pressure
  • Reduction in valve stem pitting – due to corrosion inhibitors
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Maximum packing life – Using calculated torque settings

Valve Repacking Service Products

Geegraf GDS – Gland Disc Springs

Geegraf Gland Disc Springs

Computer designed disc springs automatically adjust the gland to maintain a constant optimum sealing pressure on the packing set.  Prevents leakage due to wear, vibration, consolidation and thermal cycling.

Geegraf ER – End Rings

Geegraf ER - End Rings

Manufactured from high purity yarn, ER is a low-friction, high-density anti-extrusion ring.  Having no fillers or binders it withstands high temperatures in non-oxidising atmospheres with no apparent volume loss.

Geegraf DFR – Die Formed Rings

Geegraf DFR - Die Formed Rings

Geegraf DFR die formed inhibited graphite rings are a high purity, low friction, self-lubricating ring manufactured from pure graphite tape.  To provide improved sealing performance DFR are engineered to an accurate specific density for compression resistance, elasticity and retention of shape and size, resulting in exceptional sealing performance.

Geegraf SCS – Split Carbon Sleeves

Geegraf SCS - Split Carbon Sleeves

To allow the use of the optimum ring packing set, a high purity split carbon sleeve is used as a spacer in the bottom of the stuffing box.

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Our Products & Services

Geegraf Energised Valve System Geegraf Energised Valve System

Geegraf Energised Valve System

Whether unpacking valves and pumps is a part of your regular maintenance programme or an unscheduled necessary response to leakage or failure, it is invariably a difficult and unpleasant task. Removing worn, dried out, carbonised and rock hard packing is time consuming. Particularly where the removal of injected sealing compounds is concerned. The whole labour intensive process increases pressure on engineers striving to reduce downtime and costs.

Geegraf Energised Flange System Geegraf Energised Flange System

Geegraf Energised Flange System

Maintains clamping force under all conditions The single disc solution to leakage which brings you these benefits: • A constant, uniform clamping force • Compensation for thermal expansion and contraction • The dampening of vibrational shock • The prevention of gasket blowouts and reaction to pressure surges

Case Studies

Eggbrough Powerstation

Eggbrough Powerstation Read more
The Geegraf Energised division which deals with the Live Loading of Valves, Flanges, Boiler drum doors and Heat exchanger end covers. Neil Damms who is the Manager of the Energised Division of Gee Graphite has 24 years experience of installing Live Loading at various Power Stations and chemical plants in the UK, one of the sites which has the Live Loading System installed is Eggborough Power Station.

Conoco Phillips Valve Repacking

Conoco Phillips Valve Repacking Read more
Gee Graphite have a long standing relationship of 13 years with Conoco Phillips (Seal Sands) for valve repacking programmes on various plants across the site, In February 2014 Gee Graphite supplied two Technicians and one High Pressure Water Jet Unpacking Machine to repack 100 valves on No 3 Boiler. The valves were Repacked using Geegraf BGPR which is a high pressure high temperature braided inconel reinforced valve gland packing. In 13 years of valve repacking at the Conoco Phillips site Gee Graphite have never been called back to repack a valve gland failure after a plant shutdown.

Growhow Billingham (previously ICI)

Growhow Billingham (previously ICI) Read more
In the March 2014 main site shutdown Gee Graphite Energised division carried out the repacking and Live Loading of 260 valve glands, plus conventional repacks on a further 100 plus valves. This work was completed inside the 21 day period allocated for valve gland repacks, we had a team of 8 technicians on site with two high pressure water packing extractors operating to remove the valve gland packing. The work was then followed up with Valve Data Sheets for each live loaded valve with all the appropriate dimensions and details for each particular valve completed. The work was carried out direct to the client in conjunction with Amec the principal contractor.

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